About Us

999mind was set up to help anyone who needs help or wants to understand more about mental health issues. In the first instance the site was set up to help people who work in professions which have a high risk of mental health strain, such as the emergency service, armed forces and health and social care.

However all are welcome to use this platform no matter what your profession or background, everything on the site is free to use and we invite you to get involved in our community via the comment sections on the site as well as the Public Forum. We would also invite anyone who wishes to volunteer to help run the sit and its content to get in touch via the contact page, we are always looking for people to help make the site ore practical for our visitors and as such all suggestions are welcome.

We are funded by our sites main sponsor, The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop, the UK’s largest online mental health care clinic, so you will see some references to them as well as other services across the site, without their generous support we would not be able to function as w do.