Mental Health Awareness Week

This year mental health awareness week is being held on the week commencing the 8th of May, and its being organised as usual by the great people at the Mental Health Foundation, this years theme will seek to uncover why too few of us are thriving with good mental health. With people struggling to cope with the demands of life and stuck on getting through the day, the week will explore:

  • how many of us are surviving or thriving, and the difference between the two
  • why some communities are under strain and what government can do to support them to thrive
  • what steps we can take to look after our mental health, building resilience to cope with the demands of life.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we are flipping the focus away from mental ill-health to exploring how we can cultivate good mental health. It is an opportunity to reflect on the strategies and resources we need to both shape a coherent national approach to public mental health and the tools we need our families and our communities to radically re-frame our ability to thrive in life.

During the week of 8-14 May, we will be producing a new report to highlight the numbers of us who feel stuck on ‘survive’. We will be providing advice and insight into how we can build good mental health in the context of our work, our digital world, our parenting approach and in our communities. We will be calling on the Government to do more to promote better mental health.

Human beings are probably the most resilient creatures on the planet. Through countless setbacks, we have learnt how to survive but we are only now starting to understand how to thrive.

At 99mind we want to show our support by getting involved in what is a very important week for mental health awareness, and we would invite you to join us in showing support by also getting involved either from home, work or even school. The big question which we want to help get out there is “Surviving or Thriving?” There are a ton of great ways to show your support all of which can be found right HERE

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